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What is A Freight Broker?

A Freight Broker (property broker) is the middleman or intermediary between a shipper and a motor carrier. Freight Brokers arrange and facilitate the transportation of freight across the United States. They do not take possession or directly transport the freight goods, and do not assume the liability or responsibility for the freight.

What Is The Difference Between a Freight Broker And A Freight Agent?

The main differences between the broker and agent are the licensing, liability and finances. Freight Brokers are licensed through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and freight agents are not licensed or bonded.

A freight agent is an individual or company that usually operates independently under an existing freight broker’s operating authority. Their main focus is developing clients and arranging the transportation of freight between their shippers and carriers. Becoming a freight agent is a popular way to get started in freight brokering for many reasons. Learn More.

Do I Need Transportation Experience To Become A Freight Broker?

Absolutely Not! Every single month many of our students attending our classes come from other industries outside of logistics and transportation.  As the Nation’s largest full curriculum school we teach both those with and without industry experience. However, if you do have trucking or transportation experience we can show you how to put that experience to work on the other side of the industry.  Especially if you own equipment!

Can I Broker Freight From My Home or Office?

You Sure Can!  One of the top perks of becoming a Freight Broker is the flexibility it offers.  Many Freight Brokers and Agents operate from home or their own private offices.  Some even get their start moving freight while they are still on the road as carriers. What a great way to turn your down time into potential income. We have Agents located all over the country.

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